<tc>LOCK DOG dog leash + dog and cat brush</tc>
<tc>LOCK DOG dog leash + dog and cat brush</tc>
<tc>LOCK DOG dog leash + dog and cat brush</tc>

LOCK DOG dog leash + dog and cat brush

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Length: 2 m
Neck size: 7.87 inch - 25.6 inch
width: 21 mm
line weight: 340 g
keys: 4 pcs.
• up to 65 kg
• each leash has a unique lock cylinder which can only be opened with the 4 associated keys

How do I secure my dog?

• Release the lock from the collar or harness.
• Put the leash around your dogs neck (safety note: neither too tight nor too loose) secure the lock in one of the eyelets and close with a key.
• Now tie the other end of the leash around a lantern or railing, fix the lock in one of the steel rings or eyelets and also lock here with the key.

How secure is the leash?

Innermaterial: four-layer bite and cut resistant fabric (UHMWPE - used in bulletproof vests/climbing rope)
outer material: soft nylon fabric - comfortable for the hand and dog's neck.
2 patented steel locks including 4 keys protect your dog from theft. (one on the key ring and one on the harness or collar, 2 spare)
over 100 different key-lock combinations make opening with a different key impossible
• The leash can, like your current one, be fixed in the harness or collar. The metal eyelets turn it into a collar that can be flexibly adjusted when securing. It is therefore not possible to slip over or pull it.


• Material: Plastic, stainless steel
• Weight: 110 g
• Size: 20x11x5 cm 7,8x4,3x2 inch

How does the brush work?

112 soft bristles gently loosen underfur or tangles.
• Suitable for cats and dogs.
• Applicable to medium-length and long coat.
• Makes softer and silkier fur.
• The push button makes it easier the cleaning of the brush.
• A ergonomic handle for the best grip.

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